Simple and effective nosebleed rescue

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Emergency Medical Innovation, LLC is a medical device startup developing Bleed Freeze

We Are Bleed Freeze

Our Story

Bleed Freeze was created by Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, a practicing emergency medicine physician and adjunct assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. 

She was shocked at the volume of patients seeking nosebleed treatment in the ER and she experienced firsthand the cumbersome and time consuming process of treating nosebleeds for her and her colleagues. She also noticed the current methods of nosebleed treatment were either ineffective or painful and invasive. There were not great treatment options in the medical setting or over the counter and even fewer options for children with this problem. 

The common anterior nosebleed is a simple problem that has a simple solution if you know the correct steps to treat. Bleed Freeze combines compression, cooling and medication into an easy to use hands free device that can be used by anyone in any setting. 

Dr. Clayborne and her team have made it their mission to make Bleed Freeze the go to solution for nosebleed emergencies, the "Band-Aid" of nosebleeds! We are working to make it an essential addition to your medicine cabinet available worldwide.

Major Milestones

NSF I-CORP Program

An entrepreneurship and technology commercialization training program for the nation's leading scientists and engineers to conduct customer discovery and validate commercial potential. Bleed Freeze was awarded a $50,000 grant.

Awarded Patents

1. U.S. Design Patent Issued Oct 2019
2. U.S. Utility Patent Issued in Feb 2019

Pre-Seed Investor

The TEDCO Builder Fund is an accelerator program sponsored by the State of Maryland. In addition to $50,000 in funding, the program is augmented by executive leadership training and coaching to enable the commercialization of highly scalable business opportunities.

Founding Team

Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, CEO

Dr. Clayborne leads the Bleed Freeze team while continuing to work clinically as an emergency physician and an adjunct assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

She has an academic focus on health policy, ethics, end of life care and innovation and entrepreneurism. Her clinical work keeps her connected to patient and provider needs and keeps her updated with how epistaxis is managed in and out of the clinical environment. 


Romil Patel, Commercial Advisor

Romil's career experiences range from investing and building early stage software, consumer goods and medical device businesses.

He graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the George Washington University and a Masters in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College.


Dr. Neal Sikka, Medical Advisor

Dr. Sikka is a Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and a Board Certified Emergency Physician at The George Washington University Hospital. He is the Director of the Innovative Practice Section at the GW Medical Faculty Associates.

He also oversees the GW MFA Telemedicine Communication Center, is the Emergency Department Information System Physician Application Manager and is an active member of the GW mHealth Collaborative.


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